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Kids in NYC

Private Tour of Manhattan

4.5 Hours Subway and Foot Private Guide Flexible Itinerary

Fun for the whole family

We love kids at Real New York Tours and are always excited to see their eyes light up when touring the city. So we are taking it one step further and have created a tour especially geared toward families! This tour covers sites associated with children's movies and books, and other cool kid friendly sites and stories.

Experience Real New York

We will explore not just the iconic sites, but seldom seen hidden gems that most tourists never get to experience.

Real New York Tour Guide

We truly believe our guides are the best in New York. It is their own unique perspective that makes our tours personalized, memorable, fun, and anything but cookie cutter.

Learn to Navigate the Subway

Our tours offer a local and immersive perspective of NYC. During your tour with us, you will get to know the subway system and feel more comfortable navigating throughout the rest of your visit.

No Microphones, Flags, or Scripts

With the personal and intimate experience we offer, you don't have to worry about looking like a tourist.

Pricing & Details

For groups larger than 12 guests, please contact us for pricing.

1 - 4 Guests
4.5 Hours
5 - 8 Guests
4.5 Hours
9 - 12 Guests
4.5 Hours
  • Recommended start time of 10am
  • This tour meets at the main entrance to the Museum of Natural History at Central Park West & 79th Street, by Teddy Roosevelt on his horse
  • Each guest will need 3-4 subway rides on a MetroCard
  • Our tours are done by subway and walking so if you have any serious mobility issues please let us know
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason, please do so within 48 hours

Kids Books and Movies!

As a special bonus, your family might want to check out the following books and movies associated with a few of the sites! Eloise, written by Kay Thompson The Plaza Hotel Madagascar, animated movie The Central Park Zoo and Grand Central Terminal Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, movie Bethesda Fountain and The Plaza Hotel Enchanted, movie Bethesda Terrace and Fountain The Last Olympian, a novel by Rick Riordan Grand Central Terminal and The Plaza Hotel

Kids in NYC Itinerary

Central Park
Often referred to as the “The Lungs of New York”, Central Park is our 843 acre playground. An oasis from the sharp edges of the city filled with beauty and wonder for all ages.
Hidden Central Park Cave
Although they have sealed up this old natural cave for liability reasons, when you stand at the entrance it still invokes a sense of wonder and mystery.
Belvedere Castle
Newly re-opened Belvedere Castle is as stunning as it was when it was designed in 1869. Together we will climb the narrow staircase to its turret for amazing views from the highest point in Central Park.
Bethesda Terrace and Fountain
Otherwise known as “The Angel of the Waters”, Bethesda Fountain celebrates the deliverance of fresh water to NYC and is recognized by millions from films like Home Alone 2, Enchanted, Elf, The Avengers and many more.
Promenade of Central Park Zoo
The Central Park Zoo has long captured the imagination of children and adults alike. Although we don’t enter the zoo, we will walk the promenade where we can catch a glimpse of the sea lions and see the world famous Delecorte Clock.
The Plaza Hotel
It is hard to imagine that when The Plaza opened in 1907 you could get a suite for $2.50. Immortalized in the famed children’s book Eloise and of course the film Home Alone 2, it’s easy to see why The Plaza can capture the imagination of children.
Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal holds so many hidden gems, from the Whispering Walls to the Celestial Ceiling. Together we will share in the secrets of the largest train terminal in the world.
View abandoned 18th Street Subway Staion
Most New Yorkers pass by this station everyday on their way to work and never know it’s there. It goes by quickly, but with a heads up from your guide, you will be able to take a quick peek into one of the original 1904 IRT Subway Stations.
View of The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge was referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World when completed 1883. Hear some of the great stories of its construction and the visionary that designed it.
Add a Professional Photographer to your 4.5 Hour Tour
“Thank you To Real New York Tours for the most amazing day! Nathan our guide for the day did an amazing job showing us the city. We never imagined being able to see so much in one day. Our three kids, 12, 13 and 15 years old, learned so much about the history of New York City. They were also able to see many iconic sites from TV to music. This was by far the best vacation we have taken. We definitely got our money’s worth.”
Sonja G
“Our private walking tour with Fabrice was perfect. We saw so many areas of NYC that we wouldn't have seen had we been out on our own. Fabrice was extremely knowledgeable of the city and provided us with lots of fun and interesting facts about the different areas we visited. He was great with our kids and was really fun to hang out with for the day. Definitely money well spent!!”

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