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A Real New York Tour is lead by one of our New York guides, who collectively represent over 400 hundred years of living as New Yorkers. They are as enthusiastic and energetic as the city they call home, and each brings a unique perspective that makes our tours personalized, memorable, fun, and anything but cookie-cutter.


Owner and Real NY Tour Guide since 2007
My life as a New Yorker has shaped so much of who I am today: how I walk, talk, what I eat, how I eat it, how I think, feel, and interact with people. I can't help but feel that when I share New York with folks that I am somehow sharing a part of myself as well. Favorite NYC Restaurant: Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse, Lower East Side Favorite spot in NYC: Stone Street, Lower Manhattan


Real NY Tour Guide since 2008
I've been a New Yorker for over 20 years and I've been a tour guide for more than half that time. I'm in love with so many aspects of this great city: from the energy to the architecture, from the history to the pop culture, from the subway system to the diversity of people who use that system. My tours are loose, fun, and funny, and we'll cover all the above-mentioned topics and more. Favorite NYC Restaurant: The Islands, Brooklyn Favorite spot in NYC: Yankee Stadium, Bronx


Real NY Tour Guide since 2008
I have proudly called the great borough of Queens home since 2006 and have been giving tours of NYC for more than 10 years. I never tire of living in a place where experimental, futuristic art and design can coexist next to historic, century-old businesses and buildings. New York is a city that exists in the past, present, and future all at once and it is a privilege to explore it every day. Favorite NYC Restaurant: Rubirosa, SoHo Favorite spot in NYC: Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City


Real NY Tour Guide since 2009
I’m a transplant to this city but fell in absolute love with it when I arrived in 2000. I’ve been guiding for a decade now and still have a great time telling the stories of New York City, making new discoveries and meeting people from around the world! Check out my web series on Facebook! Favorite NYC Restaurant: Hi Life Bar & Grill, Upper West Side Favorite spot in NYC: The corner of 7th Ave and 84th St. Find it and discover why.


Real NY Tour Guide since 2009 - Offers tours in Spanish
I'm not a historian, professor or author. I'm just a guy that loves his city and have been obsessed with its history, development and its people for most of my life. I'm willing to share all of this with you and that come to visit the greatest city in the world. Let's explore together! Favorite NYC Restaurant: The counters at The Oyster Bar Grand Central Favorite spot in NYC: Queens/Brooklyn Waterfront


Real NY Tour Guide since 2011
Being a NYC Tour Guide for over 13 years now, nothing makes me happier than witnessing our guests fall in love with New York City for the first time. (or second or third!) Being a part of that never gets old! I have recently returned to NYC, my native home town, after performing as Golde in “Fiddler on the Roof” in Maryland.


Real NY Tour Guide since 2008 - Offers tours in French
Licensed NYC guide since 1994 and in the tourisme industry since 1987. I was born in Roucourt, Belgium and immigrated with my parents and one brother in 1969. Grew up in Providence, R.I. With many a weekend trip to the Big city, Gotham, the Big Apple, the only city that matters once you've lived there... NYC. Favorite NYC Restaurant: Peter Luger Steakhouse, Brooklyn Favorite spot in NYC: Brooklyn Heights Promenade


Real NY Tour Guide since 2009
I have a passion for trying to see and understand life through other people's eyes, and that's manifested in my fascination of living history - something that NYC is rich with - and I enjoy introducing this history to new travelers. Favorite NYC Restaurant: Gramercy Tavern, Flatiron District. When someone else is paying of course! Favorite spot in NYC: Wave Hill, Bronx


Real NY Tour Guide since 2011
Good morning adventurous visitors! I'm a born and bred Brooklynite, educated in New York's public schools, and spending my off-hours exploring the hidden alleys, abandoned train tracks and narrow backstreets of the city. Favorite NYC Restaurant: Barney Greengrass, Upper West Side Favorite spot in NYC: Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village


Real NY Tour Guide since 2010
I grew up deep in Queens. In 9th grade I started riding the subway to lower Manhattan every day to go to high school--a public school with kids from all over the city. Making friends from across the boroughs with roots and connections across the world, I started exploring neighborhoods I'd never heard of, always on the hunt for pizza, dumplings, stories and secrets. I've never stopped.


Real NY Tour Guide since 2010
I have spent time in all 50 states and about 40 countries and yet have chosen to live in New York City. I am happy to live a charmed life in diverse Queens. Be like me. Come to New York! Favorite NYC Restaurant: Guatanamera Cuban Restaurant, Hell's Kitchen Favorite spot in NYC: Fort Tryon Park, Inwood or my couch. It’s a tossup.


Real NY Tour Guide since 2016
I was born and raised right here in New York City. Currently I live in Brooklyn with my wife and son but I have spent a lot of time studying and working in far corners of the globe in places like Australia and China. NYC is my true home though. What can I say? I love New York, I always have and I always will, and I hope one day to be able to show this great city to you too. Favorite NYC Restaurant: Junior's, Midtown Favorite spot in NYC: Coney Island, Brooklyn


Real NY Tour Guide since 2009 - Offers Tours in French & Spanish
Born in the city and a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, I have also spent half of my life in Paris, France, giving me a transatlantic perspective on this city of transplants and immigrants. As both a former actor and a current PhD student in American History, I combine pop culture and social history to uncover the complex history of this captivating city. Favorite NYC Restaurant: The Frying Pan, Chelsea Favorite spot in NYC: West Side Highway bike path


Real NY Tour Guide since 2011
I am a third generation New Yorker and have been a licensed NYC Tour Guide for over 20 years. My specialties include architecture, history, trivia and sports. I have led guided tours by bus, by foot, by boat, by limo, and even by helicopter. My wife Marybeth and I have two children, a boy and a girl. Both are students and hail from the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


Real NY Tour Guide since 2013
My name is Aaron “A.B." Belinfanti, and I want to wish you a warm welcome to one of the most amazing cities in the world. I'm so happy that you've chosen to spend your day exploring the Big Apple, and during our little adventure we will be visiting several famous neighborhoods, learning a little history, sharing personal stories, and in general enjoying ourselves as we make our way around town. Safe travels!

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