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Our Story

Hey world travelers! I’m Luke, and my wife Amber and I are the founders of Real New York Tours. I am extremely grateful to have been born and raised in one of the greatest cities in the world. As a New Yorker I had the privilege of being surrounded by diversity, culture, art, tolerance, cooperation, and a lot of mischief. I spent my childhood riding the subway, exploring abandoned train stations, searching for Indian caves in Central Park and always on the prowl to find adventure and mystery in my home city. It was on these adventures that my love for NYC’s history would grow and begin to shape who I am today.

About us

If you are looking for big city fun with a small family feel we would be honored to show you around. - Luke & Amber

In 2002 I met Amber. Like many others, Amber left the comfort of her familiar home to come to New York to pursue a dream. As a little girl she had visited New York and saw The Radio City Rockettes. It left an indelible desire to pursue a career in dance, with the hope that one day she too could be a part of that great tradition. Dreams do come true! For 7 years she had the honor of taking the stage at Radio City Music Hall and fulfilling that childhood dream. How I was lucky enough to win her heart is one mystery I’ve never solved. Amber would become my greatest friend, partner, and mother to our children. It was Amber who would inspire me to become a licensed tour guide and share my passion and knowledge of New York with others. I realized that there was only one way for me to truly do New York justice and that was to share it the same way I had experienced it my whole life: traveling by subway and foot and exploring the hidden gems. In 2007 we started Real New York Tours. Our goal was to go beyond the typical cookie-cutter tour experience and offer travelers a more local and immersive perspective of our city. We wanted to break down the old negative stereotypes about New Yorkers being rude and make our customers feel as if they were with friends and family. We wanted them to feel less like a tourist and more like a New Yorker. We had no start-up money, no investors, and no employees. Just each other and our love for our home and the desire to share it. Many years later we have created wonderful friendships and memories with people we’ve met from around the world. We have an amazing small family of Real New York Tour guides that share our passion for NYC and love sharing it with others. We are proud to still be a small family business and be providing a tour experience that is as unique and authentic as the city we call home. We look forward to meeting you all! - Luke & Amber

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