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"Welcome to the place that never sleeps, the place where anything could happen at any minute, the place many call the capital of the world, and best of all I would love to show you the place I call home, the city of New York!"

-- Greg the Tour Guide

Hello, my name is Greg and even though I was born in Lima, Peru I consider myself a New Yorker. I remember first hearing the name New York when I saw the '70s remake of King Kong when I was 4, even though it was a terrible film, seeing the city and the twin towers left me amazed. A year later my father was the first member of my family to come to NYC and the first gift he sent me was a New York picture guidebook. I can still remember looking through the pictures of Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, The Statue of Liberty and the aerial views of the city.

I grew up in Queens, after moving to New York in the 90's, which is one of the most diverse of the 5 of boroughs of New York City. I will never forget my first subway ride aboard the old redbird # 7 trains between Flushing and Manhattan running between the cars as the train made its way into Times Square. That train alone crosses more than 12 ethnic neighborhoods! As a teenager I used to explore Greenwich Village, Central Park and Lower Manhattan. Since then I have always been fascinated by the history of New York and its turbulent beginning as a Dutch colony. During my college years I decided to turn my obsession into my career by showing and telling others about the city that made me who I am. Since then it's been a nonstop love affair with the Big Apple, and I'm willing to share the slices of this apple!