1. birth dates : October 23, 2016, 08:12

    Me gusta Katy pero sus fanas me molesta son mentirosos sólo niegan el éxito de Gaga porque no les queda otro recurso saben que Katy quedó opacada y siguen diciendo Katy es #1 cuando no es así eso feu el primer día el lunes pasado ya superenlo katycats

  2. Education :D) ♥ is an essential tool for everyone to get birth dates success in life and earn respect and recognition +Alice Gomez Wtf, some of yall mendes fans are rude to Camila, you guys need to calm down. Im fans of both, shawn and 5h. . Education Osama and Jackie Chan love child. plays great role in everyone’s life as it brings positive effects on the human life . It You will put a smile on my face ;p provides ability to think in both aspects positive and negative to get surety about and handle the situation Love this song called tu y yo by matie perroni . It is Thats kinda awkward haha the most easy way to enhance our knowledge and expand birth dates skills to have clear view over the world. It creates interest within us to enhance our way of life and thus country growth and best free internet dating sites development Shawn is cute and an amazing singer but Justin Bieber will always be the best . Who is with me? . We can I love roar...!!!! learn by watching TV, reading books talent without grammy awards? lol just pathetic , face book discussion and by other various means for Gucci Sunglasses; .

  3. Motila : October 23, 2016, 08:12

    Shawn Mendes is incredibly talented. If I dare say so myself, the Frank

  4. Anonyme : October 23, 2016, 08:12

    | Youtube has detected that this song is too awesome! |

  5. Vartan : October 23, 2016, 08:12

    birth dates lacie mcpherson ಠ_ಠ ikr it makes me angry

  6. Nacho : October 23, 2016, 08:12

    virtual dating games What is he like 6,1 or 6 foot ??? Cause he's taller then everybody