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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

We have a 48 hour refund policy. If you do not cancel your tour within this time frame you will be held responsible for the total amount of your tour. If your flight has been cancelled because of weather please do call us right away no matter what time and leave a message. We will try and reschedule your tour for you and discuss other options. We do not encourage folks to book their tour on the same day their flight is due to arrive. As we all know flights run late all the time. If your flight is arriving on the same day of your tour we do suggest giving yourself at least a 3 hour leeway between your flight arrival and your tour. Between flight delays, traffic, and having to drop off your bags at your hotel know that the risk of running late is high. Especially if your are booked on one of our group tours we cannot make the group wait.

Please also know that it is YOUR responsibility to keep a check on 5 day weather forecast. We go out rain, snow or shine and if you don't want to go out because of inclement weather once again must let us know within 48 hours.

Do we actually go to the 911 Memorial?

We can explore the new World Trade Center site and go inside Saint Paul's Chapel, one of the other memorial sites, on both private and group tours. We'll discuss the history of these sights and the events of the day.

The Memorial Reflecting Pools are now open to the puplic without a timed ticket needed. Some guides do go to the reflective pools while other guides prefer to go to Saint Paul's Chapel and leave the reflective pools for folks to see on their own time. Most of our guides were here for the events of 911 and have very personal feelings about what is the most respectful way to view the site. Some feel it is inappropriate to go the the reflective pools with a group and speak out loud and feel it is something that should be left for folks to reflect on in their own time in a quiet way. Others feel that they are comfortable going to the reflective pools and sharing their personal stories. As a company we respect each guides sentiments and do leave the decsion up to them. We hope you understand the flexibility we have given considering the very deep emotions behind each of their experiences. Nonetheless all guides are open to explaining how to get tickets to the museum and how to get to the reflective pools on your own time and are happy to give you advice on how to get back there. We're happy to include them on a private tour but as mentioned we do leave it up to each guides discrection on a group tours. We feel that the memorial site is a place of reverence and reflection so we do allow each guide to make this decison. If you feel strongly about wanting to see the reflective pools and if we do have a guide that normally goes to them on a group tour and they are working on the day you are booked please let us know and we will try and put you with them on your tour day. Hope you understand our flexibility with this situation.

The 9/11 Museum is now open to the public as well but it requires admission and timed entry. We CANNOT include the Museum on any tour. If you are doing a PRIVATE TOUR, we can conclude at the museum so you can set up your museum passes to coincide with the end of your tour.

Here is where you can go to purchase museum tickets. Tickets have a 30 min "grace" window which means it's usually best to time your entry for 30 minutes after the expected conclusion of the tour.

Do you ever combine people to share a private tour to cut costs?

Unfortunately this is not a service we can offer as a company. This is why we offer small group tours like our Dozen Apples Tour. But you are more than welcome to try and do this on your own. What we suggest is going to a travel forum like Trip Advisor and mention that you are going to NYC and would like to cut cost by sharing a private tour. Leave the dates and our companies name and what tour you were thinking about doing. You never know, you might find someone.

Is the pricing for tours per group or per person?

For our private tours, the prices listed are the total cost for the group, not the individuals of that group. For our public group tours the price is per guest.

Where do the tours begin?

Because most of our tours are private tours, we will pick you up at your hotel as long as it is in Manhattan. This mostly applies for the Big Apple Tour and the Half Apple Tour. It usually is best to meet at the concierge desk of your hotel so we don't waste precious time sifting through thousands of people outside trying to discern who each other might be. All of our guides have their pictures posted on our website so you can get an idea before hand what they look like and easily spot them when they arrive. If you have another preferred pick up location besides your hotel, this can be discussed with your guide as well.

The Apple Slice Tours and Pub Crawls will usually meet closer to the destination in which the tour takes place. Your tour guide will discuss with you the best possible location for a pick depending on where you are staying and which tour you are doing.

Do the tours go to the Statue of Liberty?

Our tours do not go directly to the statue of liberty, but rather we give people a view of it from the shoreline of Manhattan. To go directly to the statue of liberty requires long lines and security checks, which can take up to two hours. This is precious time taken away from doing our tour. We can certainly guide you on how to get there on your own during your stay in NYC. Another option is to take the hour long Staten Island Ferry, which goes past the statue for a closer look. This might take away time from visiting other sights.

Do tours go out if the weather is bad?

Real New York Tours goes out in rain, snow or shine. We do have indoor options sites we can visit on bad weather days. This will lessen (not eliminate) the amount of outside time we spend in bad weather. Real New York Tours does reserve the option to cancel a tour if we think the weather could be hazardous. If you want to cancel your tour because of bad weather or for any other reason we require a 48 hour notice and you will not be charged. So please do keep a close watch on the weekly weather report for our area during the time of your planned visit.

How much walking do we do on these tours?

The longer the tour the more walking we do. So keep this in mind when booking the Big Apple or Half Apple. Our tours travel by subway and foot. We do not use a bus or car. This is what makes our tours so special. Our tours require the ability to walk long distances. If you have any serious health problems or mobility issues, our company might not be right for you.

IF YOU BOOK A PRIVATE TOUR THOUGH WE CAN GO AT WHATEVER PACE YOUR GROUP CHOOSES. Please keep in mind that the faster the pace, the more we get to see. What is most important though is that you are comfortable and enjoy the day. IF YOU HAVE ANY MOBILITY ISSUES PLEASE DO NOT BOOK THE DOZEN APPLES GROUP TOUR. This is our open tour and everyone has to be able to keep the pace. It is possible that you will get left behind if you cannot keep up with the group and we certainly don't want this to happen. You must make a fair assessment of your ability and if you have any doubts we strongly encourage you to book our private tour.

What kind of attire should we wear?

Of course this depends on the time of year. During the winter season we strongly suggest you bundle up and during the summer, the lighter the better. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE GOOD WALKING SHOES. (Sneakers or hiking shoes are best) Please do not show up in a pair of high heels. If you do. I can almost guarantee that your feet will suffer dearly. I know New York is the epicenter of fashion but please save your fashion statement for dinner or the theater. Also, please take the time to check the weather report the day before our tour so you can dress appropriately.

Do we stop for lunch on the Big Apple Tour?

Yes! In a city with so much great food, it would be crazy not to. Some people like to grab a quick pizza or a New York City hotdog, and some people like to sit down for a nice relaxing meal in Little Italy or Chinatown. Either is an option, but just know that if we sit down for a relaxing meal we might have to move faster to get in the rest of the sights.

Do the tours cover the cost of Subway transportation and lunch?

Subway cost and lunch are not included. The Subway will cost $6 per person on the Big Apple Tour and $4 for the Half Apple Tour. Lunch costs will depend on where you decide to dine.

Is it okay to tip your tour guide?

Tipping is always optional, and if it means you are not going to be able to feed your children tonight, then please save your money. But if you have a great time and want to thank your tour guide, gratuities are very much appreciated.

Do you offer tours in other languages?

To book a tour offered in a different language you will need to book a private tour. We do not offer public group tours in any foreign language. We have tour guides who are available for private tours who are fluent in French and Spanish. We also have guides who are semi-fluent in Italian. When you send your booking form, you will be asked if you need a guide who speaks a language other than English.

Are your tours appropriate for kids?

We do always suggest doing PRIVATE TOURS if you are coming with young children under the age of 8 years old. Every child is different of course and you know your child best. Our group tours do move at a specific pace and your child has to be able to keep up. This is why we suggest private tours where you can go at a pace that is comfortable for your child and you can stop whenever needed. Depending on the age of your children you might want to take the 3 hour private tour rather then the 6 hour private tour. Please also remember if you have a stroller it can be tough going up and down the subway stairs. If you have an infant we have found that being able to strap your baby to you chest or back is a lot easier. We do love children and find that they truly enjoy the experience. It's just a matter of choosing the right tour for them. We can also on private tours mix and match sites to come up with an itinerary that will be fun for your kids.